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When legal issues arise, Michael Matuska will handle your case personally and professionally, from start to finish.

Mr. Matuska understands that not every legal problem requires a complex approach. With over 20 years experience representing clients in state and federal courts throughout Nevada and California, Mr. Matuska has the experience to craft a solution that meets your goals. His extensive background as a litigator and negotiator enable him to achieve a resolution efficiently and effectively. He practices in the areas of commercial litigation, corporate law, real estate, water law and skilled nursing facilities.

The goal of Matuska Law Offices is to provide innovative and effective legal representation that is targeted to business owners’ issues, goals and budgets in a challenging business economy. Contact us so that we may assist you in resolving your legal issue and you may continue developing your business.

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Important News and Articles

Mechanics Lien Checklist

This checklist will guide you through the process and timing of filing and enforcing a Mechanic’s Lien.

2013 Legislative Update (SB280 – collection procedures)

This circular provides information on the 2013 legislative changes regarding information that homeowners associations and common interest communities have to include in their collection letters.

2013 Legislative Update (AB273 – FMP)

This circular provides information on the 2013 legislative changes regarding the effect of the Foreclosure Mediation Program (“FMP”) on foreclosures by homeowners associations and common interest communities.

2014 Case Update (SFR Investment Pool 1 v. U.S. Bank – superpriority rule)

This circular provides a summary of the Nevada Supreme Court’s September 22, 2014 ruling in SFR Investments Pool, LLC v. U.S. Bank, N.A., 130 Nev. Adv. Op 75 (2014) regarding the effect of a foreclosure by a homeowners association or common interest community on a deed of trust under Nevada’s superpriority rule, NRS 116.3116.

Resident Agents

This article will explain who is required to appoint a registered agent in Nevada.

2015 Legislative Updates

This update includes SB 306 amending the superpriority rule and foreclosure notice requirements; SB 154 adopting continuing education requirements; AB 141 adopting additional foreclosure notice requirements; AB 192 amending statutes regarding the termination of declarants control; AB 238 amending bid procedures and clarifying that legal services are subject to bid requirements; AB 474 increasing initial and annual list fees with the Real Estate Administrator; and SB 483 increasing annual and initial list fees with the Secretary of State.